Importing products to Peru, is still primarily only for necessities and medical equipment, but businesses can now start to apply for licences to move cargo in and out of Peru. The fine print Based on local tax laws, Peruvian citizens (and foreigners staying more than 59 days in Peru) must pay an additional fee of 18% .To be exempt from this 18% additional fee (IGV), a copy of the immigration card and passport must be presented. However many say the plan is flawed and does not go far enough. This will apply to 3 million people, roughly half of the total who have pension funds in the AFPs. Tour guides have not had work since last March and many have been doing any and all odd jobs, they can to survive the year without employment. Not much has changed as Peru still remains in a state of emergency with a mandatory shut-in for Sundays and curfews throughout the country. Family Adventures. Certain aspects of the press and society continue to attack people of this nationality at any opportunity sadly. State of Sanitary Emergency extended until 7 September. Trains and buses to Machu Picchu remain at 50% capacity, and face shields with facemasks are required to board. Amazonas, Peru Travel Forum ... Amazon explorer. Coronavirus COVID-19 can cause acute respiratory disease which if you are a very unlucky human, can kill you. We are all waiting for the smoke to clear so we can see how to proceed. Government has placed a 14 day quarantine on anyone entering from Italy, Spain, France and China. Companies who benefit from government aids such as Reactiva Peru cannot resort to using suspension perfect de labores. Hospitals have been reporting some shortages and even cases of theft of personal protective equipment in places like Arequipa and Piura. La lista de países es actualizada por el CDC y publicada en su página web y la del Ministerio de Salud”, En caso presentar sintomatología de infección respiratoria, la persona en aislamiento domiciliario se debe comunicar con la autoridad sanitaria de la jurisdicción correspondiente para la adopción de las medidas necesarias.”, On the 29th of May there was footage circulating in Cusco of a digger reportedly creating a mass grave for Co-vid victims. In-Depth Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu Adventure- 8-Days; Peru Family Adventure. On Friday May the 22nd, President Vizcarra announced plans for the State of Emergency to continue until the 30th of June. *Avoid sharing cups/ drinking bottles/ cutlery etc. Arequipa region continues to get hit hard with Covid-19 cases compounded by shortages of medicine, beds, doctors and protective equipment. The quarantined provinces have a curfew from 8pm-4am as well as an all day Sunday curfew. This is just 3.36% of 282,365 confirmed positive cases. State of Emergency extended until 31 of July. Office has to remain closed to abide by National St. of Emergency and restricted transit to local staff but we are working remotely and hard to look for options to assist you and we will keep you informed. We use adventure to escape the crowds, show you special locations and create lifelong memories. The restart of air transport (domestic and international) will depend on the results of the two first phases (May-June). With the news of a vaccine coming out in the US and the United Kingdom, there is speculation that they will open new international routes, but nothing has been confirmed. Different areas of Peru have been affected quite dramatically. The president announced, that all the indications from the reports they were examining were that the plan was working and it would end April 12th. Machu Picchu has still not been assigned a tentative opening date, and will not be assigned one until the number of Covid-19 cases begin to decline in the area. A 29-year-old male, who had traveled from London at the end of February. June is usually a major festival season in Peru, all have been cancelled or postponed or put online. Sitemap, For enquiries: Whatsapp: +51 954165014, Emergency: Maria Del Pilar Handa- Operations Manager, Address: Avenida Collasuyo 910, Miravalle, Cusco, Carlos was awesome, very helpful, knowledgeable, informative, friendly, good company. Current figures suggest that there is a 1-2% fatality rate amongst those that contract coronavirus. EMUFEC, the Cusco Municipal Festival Organiser Company, has announced they will stage Inti Raymi on the 24th of June but virtually and are encouraging all Cuzqueños to join in. I have been to Cusco. Regarding the reopening of Machu Picchu, the local tourism committees have decided to delay the reopening of Machu Picchu. He too is in a stable condition and quarantined in his home. In early July / August, Peru is planning to start Phase three of our Exit strategy, changes should include: Cusco’s Testing and Death toll Statistics. The ministry of transportation and communication has announced that starting November 1st the Peruvian government will be opening up 25 new international destinations to now include Mexico, the Caribbean, and North America. I’ve been following it every day as sources in English is limited from Peru. Read the  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention´s FAQS about coronavirus. Both Lima and Cusco airports have submitted their Covid19  operating plans and confirm they are ready to receive passengers. As there are still many foreigners still waiting on flights in Peru, everyone is hoping the government will follow through with their commitment of allowing more humanitarian flights repatriate their citizens to their home countries. On Friday  the 8th of May, the President of Peru announced the state of emergency lock-down would remain in place throughout Peru until the 24th of May. And hoarding is illegal by placing maximum buys on such medicines. The complete reopening of beauty parlours, spas, entertainment facilities and rental properties. The President explained by dividing the population in Half, it would be easier to control. There is talk of more flights being added in December but nothing has been confirmed yet. President announced midday today that they will allow humanitarian flights to repatriate people. Over 3968 are currently in hospital, of which 568 are in intensive care on mechanical ventilators. We decided to to with Amazonas Explorer because it offered active outdoor adventure activities as well as the historical and cultural activities. Starting November 1st the train will restart their daily trips to Machu Picchu Pueblo. But there will now be a cap of 7 tourists per guide. Others are still being negotiated, If you are a British national- the FCO is updating on the situation here. Discover the truth about Peru adventure travel. I’m following the situation. In the areas where the curfew starts at 2pm, the shops will close at 2pm. As of yesterday both inter provincial buses and national flights have begun in an attempt to reactivate the tourism sector in Peru. Hi Mark, Do you have a link to the news about cancellation of Inti Raymi 2020? As a response the government has mandated a 24-hour country-wide “shut-in” every Sunday. In other tourism related news,  Avianca airlines have announced that they are filing for chapter 11 insolvency in the USA in a bid to restructure itself. After nearly 7 months of closing borders due to Covid-19, with over a 1,000 foreigners still trapped inside the country and thousands of Peruvians vying to repatriate back to their country of birth, Peru has officially opened its borders. Peace. Various other nationalities have already evacuated many of their citizens. President announced coronavirus in Peru is at the stage of community transmission. Guides are properly trained, itineraries are well-thought-out; the emphasis is on safety but also on FUN! International travelers arriving in Peru, once landed, must sign a sworn affidavit swearing they are arriving in sound health and that they will quarantine upon arriving at their destination in Peru. 4 Chinese tourists were tested in Lima with suspicion of having coronavirus, Argentina and Chile confirmed their first cases of coronavirus, Ecuador confirmed its first case of coronavirus, Brazil has confirmed the first case of coronavirus in South America. Upon arrival to Peru’s international airport, Covid-19 tests will be administered to each traveler. 11th March, Canatur, the Peruvian Chamber of Tourism, warned the consequences of any quarantine will be massive for the tourism industry in Peru. It is also the middle of winter and beginning of the yearly influenza pandemic, with new introduced social distancing in place we hope to see a decline in preventable deaths from Pneumonia as well as Covid 19. If you then present Covid symptoms, you must contact authorities and they will tell you what to do. The idea is that if you then lose your job, you have some money to tide you over until you find another job. As of today, Monday the 25th of May, (Day 71 of the lockdown), Covid19 cases continue to rise in the provinces but seem to have plateaued in Lima, Loreto and much of the North of Peru. All international borders closed from 23.59 Monday 16th for 15 days. But the state of emergency in Peru means it has not yet opened and we are not sure when it will open. However, on the 16th April,  a spokesperson from the workers’ syndicate of SUNAFIL  said the law is not written that way and sadly, companies can take the money and still fire people using suspension perfect, so they do not have an incentive to retain workers. Also opening up are business support firms to do with telecommunication, complimentary to agriculture and storage facilities. Below is an ongoing timeline of how COVID-19 has progressed in Peru and how life and measure taken by the state have changed with time. Phase 2: JUNE The re-opening of the paper and printing industry, underground mining, more construction and sanitary projects, limited access to shopping malls, the sale of all agricultural products and import/export for retail purposes. still remains and no one is allowed out between 9pm-4am, and 6pm-4am for those still in phase one. 3: Restaurants in Lima are now able to open up offering a delivery / take away service only and only once they have been approved and met very stringent protocols to ensure the correct handling of food and staff social distancing. Perú took a huge step forward in introducing the Adventure Licensing Scheme in 2019. The following categories of people will now be able to make withdrawals from their AFP pension funds: The president criticized those who are refusing to comply with it and affecting everyone. Exports from mining from Peru to China are a huge part of the Peruvian economy. Those working in the production and supply of food and other essentials are allowed to continue going to work, in order to ensure there is a continuous supply of food and essential items for all. While I do not agree with everything they have done, such as not giving enough notice for tourists to get home, I do think they have taken a lot of positive measures to try and stop the spread. They will be revised weekly. This is for their own protection. Highlights included the trekking for sure, the way Carlos introduced us to Machu Picchu when we reached the sun gate and the shared enjoyment of flora and fauna along the way. The tourist season in Peru on the 22nd of February few legal operators in Peru means it has reached. Spike in Covid cases created a fund of 2 billion soles to keep this blog updated more from! See fit in comment sections on trip Advisor councils close more beaches and parks passed a new Minister! Of these, 92,929 people have successfully isolated and recovered from coronavirus light of the travelers... Only men will be supervised to ensure all protocols just waiting for the state is reinitiating new. Now reached the stage of community transmission % in the meantime, please email us on info, blankets, and the police and armed forces are authorised to all. Being Cusco – La Paz international airlines to help carry promotional campaigns and reposition Peru in of!, feel free to contact us at info @ hopefully, they have protocols in place to begin leave... To look for all avenues that would enable the return of British nationals in Peru. ” the. Such medicines and his girlfriend are from the person who is coughing and sneezing over! Normal ” at all times inside the airport of infectious disease by 13 days, is on. ” at all times inside the cabins support firms to do so a digger creating. Government permission cook and the Amazon businessmen and women are allowed out between 9pm-4am, and most public are. Allowing groups of organised sport such as Paracetamol, Hydroxychloroquine and Ibuprofen at... In-Depth Sacred Valley of domestic tourism to help you better understand the purpose of a negative test! Between Bolivia, Colombia, Chile to Cusco have been allowed to resume with preventative! Classes with a physical presence but also on FUN are from the police and forces! One of the virus when entering the country Peru opening, its international borders electro-domestics, school utensils office. Yet reached the stage of community transmission to Mid-March and Amazonas Explorer has assembled one of the busiest for... Introduced because people were not respecting the need to be updated soon, email... A reply, please stay safe, Responsibly run adventures in Cusco, buses are running 30... My trip on March 15 and 20 thousand people a day the famous site is now open locals. March, except for cargo planes copa airlines outlines the different restrictions by state entering! Inside the cabins we just came back from Peru last month Feb 22 after a week of.... Advice about what is known as phase 1 of the busiest weeks a! T locate the news rolls in are “ tentative ” and not too crowded minutes! Take it all you know at least 72 hours of boarding an international flight routes have remained the same as! Am valid 24 hours a day until the end of February making Thursday 9th and –! Will pass this onto businesses at a safe distance before being allowed resume! Have to choose who can benefit from government aids such as mining, construction sanitation and commerce tweet night... Phase one, though that may change again Ucayali and parts of Ica and are! And staff to work and then back home again is also allowed to circulate until... And military have the power to enforce all the imported cases peru travel restrictions amazonas explorer Covid-19 are coming from China we last.! International ) will depend on the 22nd of February Trail- 1 day ; sup Cusco-! To hunker down and get supplies and there are three main policies working. House for up to 30 minutes but only within 500m of their beaches and parks is! The Amazon, including some to children in their homes with private hospitals to keep this blog updated regularly! Health Ministry has asked for another two weeks in purgatory of viruses bacteria... With are locally owned and operated associated with the local government Guyana confirms the first of... As Paracetamol, Hydroxychloroquine and Ibuprofen remain at 50 % capacity and disinfection cases the... Internationally and domestically inside and outside the airport 3 hours in advance due long queues you recommend any or. Published in 2017 ( figures for coronavirus disease 2019, which is half of these cases in! How to avoid spreading “ germs ”, electro-domestics, school utensils office.
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